All Star Wars: Valley's All Stars 184, RCR 181

In yet another super close game this season, RCR took on the Valley's All Stars from south western VA area at Shooters in Midlothian. It was intense the whole game through with so many lead changes we all lost count!!  

The match was amazing, but the highlight of the game was the appearance of Garrison Tyranus 501st: Storm Troopers, Sand People, and even Boba Fett and Darth Vader. 



Most Valuable Jammers of the game were  Massacre Marie from VAS and Ruby Rottweiler from RCR. Most Valuable Blockers were Tar Hellion of VAS and Blaxican Ninja of RCR. Congratulations ladies!!  


And how can we forget our Fan Favorite of the game!??!  Once again it went to SuffoKate who had the honor of getting a pie in the face from her (more than willing) wife!   


Thank you so much to all who came out for the fun! A very special thanks to our Referees, Non Skating Officials, Volunteers and of course the Valley's All Stars for making this game possible!💚💚 

A weekend in North Carolina

RCR All Stars took a weekend trip down south again this weekend for a couple games in NC. On Saturday night we played against Charlotte Roller Girls All Stars and Sunday afternoon we met up with Greesnboro's Gate City All Stars, for what we in the derbyverse call a "hangover bout" (both teams had a game the night before).   

Both games were very close with the lead changing back and forth a few times!  That always makes for a great action! 

On Sunday Charlotte came out over RCR by only 24 points!  


Charlotte Roller Girls awarded Rolling Thunder (jammer), and Thornado (blocker) MVPs for the game.  RCR gave their votes to Blonde Crush (jammer), and Madcap (blocker) from Charlotte. 



Sunday early afternoon, RCR won over Gate City All Stars with by a mere 16 points!  What a nail biter!!


Gate City gave MVP jammer to RCRs Cuntree Jam, and MVP blocker to Suffokate.  RCR awarded Rum and Choke MVP jammer and Wrecking Belle MVP blocker. 


Congratulations MVPs and everyone who played! The games were both really intense and very fun!!  As always thank you so much to the officials, skating and non skating alike you are all super integral to this all and we love ya for it. Special thanks to the fans who came down to cheer on RCR so far away. 💚💚

U of R School of Journalism Students created a documentary about us!

Over the last couple months we have been super privileged to have a group a very talented film students from University of Richmond come to our practices and games and talk with some of our skaters to do a short documentary on the sport of roller derby and our team. Tonight is the unveiling of the finished product and to say we can't wait is a complete understatement. We are so happy to have been a part of this, these ladies and gentlemen are A++ in our minds! 💚

RCR All Stars vs Charm Female Trouble 291 - 73.

River City came out hard from the start of last night's game, despite a good fight from the ladies of Charm. RCR got the lead early in the game and was able to hold Charm at bay for the remainder. MVPs went to Alaska Massacre (jammer) and Liquor Muffin (blocker) from Charm and Ruby Rottweiler (jammer) and BlaXican Ninja (blocker) for RCR.   

For the first time in a while we decided to ask the fans to vote for their RCR fan favorite RCR skater in the game. The winner got the honor of knowing they are a local celebrity...and a pie in the face!!   Big congratulations to Thornado, she took it like a champ!

As always a big thank you to all the people who made the game possible, our great ref crew, the NSOs, the volunteers, the skaters and the great fans.  Thank you all so much! And be sure to catch us again next weekend at Shooters Indoor Sportsplex on Saturday the 15th at 7pm,  for our game against Chemical Valley Roller Girls from West Virginia!


Left to Right: Liquor Muffin, Ruby Rottweiler, BlaXican Ninja and Alaska Massacre.


Thornado getting her Fan Favorite pie!


The aftermath!!

Black Rose 293, River City All Stars 126

Last night River City's All Stars went up to Hanover, Pennsylvania to take on Black Rose Rollers. River City came out strong, but Black Rose adjusted and in the end took a hard fought win. It was an incredibly physical and super fun game! The game MVP's were Thornado (blocker) and Cuntree Jam (jammer) for River City, and Raging Rapunzel (blocker) and Olive Havoc (jammer) for Black Rose.  Congratulations to all!!  What a great start to the All Stars season!  Mark your calendar to come see the All Stars at home in our next game against Charm City Female Trouble on April 8th, 7pm at Shooter's Indoor Sportsplex in Midlothian, VA!


Southern Delaware 154, River City 124

This morning at The Rollerdome our newly formed B-Team took on the lovely ladies of Southern Delaware Rollergirls in our season opener. It was a very close bout marked by tough walls and lots of lead changes. In the end, SoDel saw a run of lead jams and quick call offs to pull ahead. The MVPs for SoDel went to GoreLee Girl (blocker), and Princess BubbleGunz (jammer). River City's MVPs were Rolling Thunder (jammer), and Lady Dauntless (blocker). 


A huge thank you goes out not only to Southern Delaware Rollergirls, but also to the referees, non-skating officials (NSOs), and volunteers that came out early on a Sunday morning to help out. Without you guys these games wouldn't happen.  And thank you to all our fans and friends who came to support us!!  We love you all!

Game MVPs Left to right: Princess BubbleGunz, GoreLee Girl, Rolling Thunder and Lady Dauntless.  

Game MVPs Left to right: Princess BubbleGunz, GoreLee Girl, Rolling Thunder and Lady Dauntless.