Hogwarts Houses, Bulldogs and skaters from all over the region.

We had such a blast hosting the Battle of the Houses mixed scrimmage tonight. We had all four houses represented by skaters from Virginia, Maryland and beyond. And to top it off we had mascots from River City Bulldog Rescue, the charity we were working with this game!  


All the Houses fought hard, but Ravenclaw was undefeated and took home the house cup! 

Winners of the House Cup, Ravenclaw! 

Winners of the House Cup, Ravenclaw! 

A fun time was definitely had by all and we hope to see you all next year, because we are pretty sure this will happen again!!  

Teams Slytherin and Griffendor  

Teams Slytherin and Griffendor  


Team Hufflepuff (with broom found in the middle of the highway on the way to the games)!


MVPs from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw  


MVPs from Slytherin and Griffendor