All Star Wars: Valley's All Stars 184, RCR 181

In yet another super close game this season, RCR took on the Valley's All Stars from south western VA area at Shooters in Midlothian. It was intense the whole game through with so many lead changes we all lost count!!  

The match was amazing, but the highlight of the game was the appearance of Garrison Tyranus 501st: Storm Troopers, Sand People, and even Boba Fett and Darth Vader. 



Most Valuable Jammers of the game were  Massacre Marie from VAS and Ruby Rottweiler from RCR. Most Valuable Blockers were Tar Hellion of VAS and Blaxican Ninja of RCR. Congratulations ladies!!  


And how can we forget our Fan Favorite of the game!??!  Once again it went to SuffoKate who had the honor of getting a pie in the face from her (more than willing) wife!   


Thank you so much to all who came out for the fun! A very special thanks to our Referees, Non Skating Officials, Volunteers and of course the Valley's All Stars for making this game possible!💚💚