Savannah Slam: Part 3

Phew!! Three games, two days, and a bunch of team bonding. You could say it was a fun weekend for RCR.   

Our last game of the weekend was the fight for 3rd place with Panhandle United (ranked 270).  We had not seen United before, but it was clear after watching their first game of the weekend they were going to be a force this weekend. This team will clearly be moving up in the rankings so keep watching them!  

The game was intense with United coming out of the gate strong but RCR catching up quickly and keeping it within a few points and lead changing back and forth for the majority of the first half. Coming back from the break, defense was killer from both teams, but United was able to keep the lead for the rest of the game with the final score of 150-106. Every single skater from both teams left everything they had on that track and we couldn't be prouder. 


And speaking of proud!! This marked Rolling Thunder's last game with RCR, as she moves to Pennsylvania in a few days. The amount she has grown as a derby skater in the last year is staggering and she really stepped up to the plate as a jammer this weekend. Would you believe she skated 3 jams in a row in the first game we played this weekend. She has the endurance of the energizer bunny!!  We are so proud to call you sister and we will miss her more than she knows. We wish her all the luck in the world and know you are going to go far in your derby career. 

Rolling Thunder after skating the last 3 jams in a game still looks this good!! 

Rolling Thunder after skating the last 3 jams in a game still looks this good!!