Savannah Slam: Part 2


This morning we opened up day two of Savannah Slam playing the first game of the day against the hosts Savannah Derby Devils (ranked 253).   We were super excited to meet up with them again after playing them at Low Down Throwdown I. 2016 and beating them by by a mere 30 points. 

Wihout Cuntree Jam in our jammer rotation due to a severe ankle sprain in last nights game we knew we had to adjust things a bit. Having Thunder rotate 2 out of 4 and Ruby and Boo jam the other 2 worked so well that by the half we were half we were ahead by over 100 pts. Since we  play again in a few hrs. for 3rd place we decided to start conserving our jammers and rotate everyone in for a shot at increasing the score. It worked out to our advantage again keeping Savanna on their toes not knowing what to expect.

Even though the final score was RCR 278, Savannah 103, the game was still a battle to the end with no one giving up. Everyone had a blast on the track! 


Next up, we play for the 3rd place trophy at 3pm!  Stay tuned!!