Savannah Slam: Part 1


We are down in Georgia again this weekend, this time in Savannah!  The first game is under our belts and we were matched up with Muskogee Roller Girls. After seeing them, but not skating against them, two years in a row at Low Down Throw Down we've all been itching for a match up!  

Currently ranked 178 by WFTDA, Muskogee held us at bay for the first couple jams (our current ranking is 194). We adjusted to their jamming style, and and became much more effective at holding their jammers back and by the second half we were really bringing the Thunder.

It was a tight game all the way. The final score was Muskogee 130, RCR 115. 

Next up we will be meeting up with the hosts, Savannah Derby Devils tomorrow at 11 am.