Super NOVAs 163, RCR 127

Saturday night we headed up to our friends in NOVA for an early evening game at the Dulles Sportsplex. It was yet another close one!

RCR came out with the lead in the beginning of the game, but the Super NOVAs soon caught up.  The score went back and forth in the first half a few times with one team never very far behind the other.

Half time saw the Super NOVAs with the lead which they were able to keep, albeit by a very close margin!  All in all it was a super exciting game!  Thanks for having us Super NOVAs, and thanks to all the referees, non skating officials, volunteers and fans!


Congratulations to RCR's Blue for MVP blocker and Thunder for MVP jammer, as well as Super NOVAs Battery Operated for blocker and Jersey Jill for Jammer.  


We are very sad we I say that this was RCRs last game with Mikki Barrage. She has been a dedicated member of the team on and off the track and we have loved watching you grow and push yourself since your time in Fresh Meat. We will miss you like crazy and wish you all the luck in Wisconsin!