RCR wins over Black Eyed Suzy’s 112-97


Last night RCR took on the Black Eyed Suzy’s of Free State Roller Derby in Maryland for their annual Masquerade Brawl. To say it was a battle would be an understatement. 

River City came out of the gate with the lead and was able to keep it for the whole game, but the Black Eyed Suzy’s were never more than a jam behind. It kept everyone on the edge of their seats. 

Strong defense for both teams as well as jammers busting through the packs at nearly the same time often kept the jams quick and the score relatively low.  

MVPs for Black Eyed Suzy’s were General Khaos as jammer and Valcoholic Rage as blocker. (Sorry for the lack of a photo!) RCR had Lady Dauntless taking home her first MVP jammer award and Thornado as the MVP blocker. Way to go everyone!  


A huge thank you to Free State Roller Derby for inviting RCR to the Masquerade Brawl again this year. It was a blast!  Also thank you to all the referees and non skating officials and volunteers without you all there would be no roller derby. And last but not least, thanks to all the fans!!