SlamRock the Blocker: RCR vs Rogue 3/13/2016

Spring forward found us waking up extra early to take on the ladies of Fayatteville North Carolina at Slamrock the Blocker. And boy was it worth it!! It was such an intense game with a bunch of lead changes, hard work, and even some laughs on the track (There may have been a jammer to jammer couples skate during an official time out)! In the end the Rogue Rollergirls took the win over River City Rollergirls, 166-129. MVP's for Rogue were Quiet Storm #333 for Blocker and Lil Shanksta #187 and RCR's were Thornado #9 for blocker and Cuntree Jam as jammer #42. Congrats to all the skaters and thanks to all the Referees, Volunteers and fans!