RCR wins over Black Eyed Suzy’s 112-97


Last night RCR took on the Black Eyed Suzy’s of Free State Roller Derby in Maryland for their annual Masquerade Brawl. To say it was a battle would be an understatement. 

River City came out of the gate with the lead and was able to keep it for the whole game, but the Black Eyed Suzy’s were never more than a jam behind. It kept everyone on the edge of their seats. 

Strong defense for both teams as well as jammers busting through the packs at nearly the same time often kept the jams quick and the score relatively low.  

MVPs for Black Eyed Suzy’s were General Khaos as jammer and Valcoholic Rage as blocker. (Sorry for the lack of a photo!) RCR had Lady Dauntless taking home her first MVP jammer award and Thornado as the MVP blocker. Way to go everyone!  


A huge thank you to Free State Roller Derby for inviting RCR to the Masquerade Brawl again this year. It was a blast!  Also thank you to all the referees and non skating officials and volunteers without you all there would be no roller derby. And last but not least, thanks to all the fans!! 

Hogwarts Houses, Bulldogs and skaters from all over the region.

We had such a blast hosting the Battle of the Houses mixed scrimmage tonight. We had all four houses represented by skaters from Virginia, Maryland and beyond. And to top it off we had mascots from River City Bulldog Rescue, the charity we were working with this game!  


All the Houses fought hard, but Ravenclaw was undefeated and took home the house cup! 

Winners of the House Cup, Ravenclaw! 

Winners of the House Cup, Ravenclaw! 

A fun time was definitely had by all and we hope to see you all next year, because we are pretty sure this will happen again!!  

Teams Slytherin and Griffendor  

Teams Slytherin and Griffendor  


Team Hufflepuff (with broom found in the middle of the highway on the way to the games)!


MVPs from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw  


MVPs from Slytherin and Griffendor 

Savannah Slam: Part 3

Phew!! Three games, two days, and a bunch of team bonding. You could say it was a fun weekend for RCR.   

Our last game of the weekend was the fight for 3rd place with Panhandle United (ranked 270).  We had not seen United before, but it was clear after watching their first game of the weekend they were going to be a force this weekend. This team will clearly be moving up in the rankings so keep watching them!  

The game was intense with United coming out of the gate strong but RCR catching up quickly and keeping it within a few points and lead changing back and forth for the majority of the first half. Coming back from the break, defense was killer from both teams, but United was able to keep the lead for the rest of the game with the final score of 150-106. Every single skater from both teams left everything they had on that track and we couldn't be prouder. 


And speaking of proud!! This marked Rolling Thunder's last game with RCR, as she moves to Pennsylvania in a few days. The amount she has grown as a derby skater in the last year is staggering and she really stepped up to the plate as a jammer this weekend. Would you believe she skated 3 jams in a row in the first game we played this weekend. She has the endurance of the energizer bunny!!  We are so proud to call you sister and we will miss her more than she knows. We wish her all the luck in the world and know you are going to go far in your derby career. 

Rolling Thunder after skating the last 3 jams in a game still looks this good!! 

Rolling Thunder after skating the last 3 jams in a game still looks this good!! 

Savannah Slam: Part 2


This morning we opened up day two of Savannah Slam playing the first game of the day against the hosts Savannah Derby Devils (ranked 253).   We were super excited to meet up with them again after playing them at Low Down Throwdown I. 2016 and beating them by by a mere 30 points. 

Wihout Cuntree Jam in our jammer rotation due to a severe ankle sprain in last nights game we knew we had to adjust things a bit. Having Thunder rotate 2 out of 4 and Ruby and Boo jam the other 2 worked so well that by the half we were half we were ahead by over 100 pts. Since we  play again in a few hrs. for 3rd place we decided to start conserving our jammers and rotate everyone in for a shot at increasing the score. It worked out to our advantage again keeping Savanna on their toes not knowing what to expect.

Even though the final score was RCR 278, Savannah 103, the game was still a battle to the end with no one giving up. Everyone had a blast on the track! 


Next up, we play for the 3rd place trophy at 3pm!  Stay tuned!!

Savannah Slam: Part 1


We are down in Georgia again this weekend, this time in Savannah!  The first game is under our belts and we were matched up with Muskogee Roller Girls. After seeing them, but not skating against them, two years in a row at Low Down Throw Down we've all been itching for a match up!  

Currently ranked 178 by WFTDA, Muskogee held us at bay for the first couple jams (our current ranking is 194). We adjusted to their jamming style, and and became much more effective at holding their jammers back and by the second half we were really bringing the Thunder.

It was a tight game all the way. The final score was Muskogee 130, RCR 115. 

Next up we will be meeting up with the hosts, Savannah Derby Devils tomorrow at 11 am. 


Super NOVAs 163, RCR 127

Saturday night we headed up to our friends in NOVA for an early evening game at the Dulles Sportsplex. It was yet another close one!

RCR came out with the lead in the beginning of the game, but the Super NOVAs soon caught up.  The score went back and forth in the first half a few times with one team never very far behind the other.

Half time saw the Super NOVAs with the lead which they were able to keep, albeit by a very close margin!  All in all it was a super exciting game!  Thanks for having us Super NOVAs, and thanks to all the referees, non skating officials, volunteers and fans!


Congratulations to RCR's Blue for MVP blocker and Thunder for MVP jammer, as well as Super NOVAs Battery Operated for blocker and Jersey Jill for Jammer.  


We are very sad we I say that this was RCRs last game with Mikki Barrage. She has been a dedicated member of the team on and off the track and we have loved watching you grow and push yourself since your time in Fresh Meat. We will miss you like crazy and wish you all the luck in Wisconsin!