Upcoming Events


RCRD Open House

Come out and join us for an OFF-SKATES info sesh about the next rookie cycle! Get to know us and learn about our Rookie Program and what to expect when the next cycle starts!

Afterwards we will hold a Derby demo with our veteran skaters and have a little Q&A to answer any questions you might have!


RCRD vs. Fredricksburg Roller Derby

Looking for a little spooky fun (two weeks before Halloween)?! Well, come out to Rollerdome Skating to checkout some live roller derby and scream your head off on the sidelines with some tacos and an ice cold beer.

Bring your lawn chair and your friends to see RCRD take on Fredricksburg Roller Derby in our multi-level scrimmage!

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It’s a Harry Potter Holiday

We have finally decided to cast a Revelio spell on our holiday plans! Grab your Gobstones and high five your house elf because we are heading back to Hogwarts! Are you a Halloween Hufflepuff? A Grinchy Gryffindor? Or a Stuffing Stuffed Slytherin? Pair your house colors with your festive best, from any winter holiday you desire.